HVAC Preventive Maintenance


Instead of putting out fires why not prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

Our facility preventive maintenance programs help you avoid costly HVAC repairs, unplanned equipment downtime, discomfort, & high energy costs.

Every program is tailored to achieve your goals. Some sites require a robust preventive maintenance plan with extra cleanings & comprehensive tasks while some sites may only require minimal maintenance. Together we will build an effective program to achieve maximum occupant comfort balanced with maximum energy savings. Our plan will optimize your mechanical assets.

HVAC Maintenance Program Options

  • Filter Change Maintenance: Trained HVAC technicians change using high capacity pleated filtration. Changing filters on a regular basis protects the coils in HVAC units from getting dirty resulting in maximum heat transfer and comfort along with improved air quality.
  • Planned Maintenance: In addition to changing filters on a regular basis, trained HVAC technicians inspect key components of your HVAC system to proactively prevent breakdowns by making recommendations that will minimize downtime & extend equipment life.
  • Essential Maintenance: In addition to our planned maintenance the HVAC technicians take critical readings to maximize efficiency and assure comfortable environments.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance: In addition to our essential maintenance condensing unit coil cleaning, annual belt changes, as well as many added checks and preventive diagnostics are performed. This program provides piece of mind by reducing expense & driving down the “repair to PM ratio” allowing for ultimate comfort & reliability.

Design Your Own Program