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AC & Furnace Maintenance
Maintaining your air conditioner and furnace will save you money by extending the unit’s life. Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioner and furnace running as efficiently as possible.

Service Techs
Are technicians are highly trained in their field of HVAC service. Also are members of the local 525 union. Technicians are not there only to fix the issues you are having but to find solutions to get the best efficiency and life out of your systems. Our technicians are also trained to give you money saving tips on your HVAC systems

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Spring or Fall Maintenance Service
$74.50 ( $50.00 per additional unit)

Spring and Fall Maintenance Service
$149 (additional $50.00 per unit)

New Thermostat installed at time of Maintenance
Non Programmable Thermostat – $60.00 ea.
Honeywell 4000 Programmable – $95.00 ea.

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